Tag: Strix


  • Jane

    The one most touched by the sickness within their mother's soul, Jane desires to be among other Kindred. It sees other vampires as kin and tries to befriend them. It threw its lot in with the local Kindred. Now it and its sibling, [[:the-bird-of-ill- …

  • The Witch

    Skilled in blood magic, the Witch sought to find her mother, an ancient vampire located somewhere in the area. She was destroyed when she was sealed inside a burning shed.

  • The Bird of Ill Omen

    This Strix seems disinterested in mortal and Kindred affairs, whether its creator still lives, or other esoteric pursuits. It refuses to take hosts and feasts from the dead and dying. Instead it waits and watches for disaster. Its greatest joy is to watch …

  • The Beast

    It corrupted [[:david | David]] but suffered several setbacks at the hands of the coterie. Ultimately this led to its destruction. *Known Banes*: Bells (deals 4 dice of bashing)

  • The Inverted Lord

    The Inverted Lord seeks the destruction of the most powerful Kindred in the region. It requires vampiric vessels first however and offered a blank check to [[:ethan | Ethan Redhawke]] if he should get them for him. He knew Ethan would betray him and …

  • The Twins

    The Twins believe their mother is dead but refuse to abandon their mission: protect the heart's blood of the Antediluvian. They traced [[:john | John Portor]] to Champaign, brought their siblings there, and captured [[:raymond-martock | Raymond Martock]]. …