The first nights are the hardest. Your flesh has yet to cool. The thirst pounds inside your skull strong and new. You don’t belong among the living but the dead haven’t accepted you yet.

Day is forbidden to you. Night contains horrors worse than vampires. The light of the plains towns ends where the cornfields begin. Beyond lies darkness and hours of highway leading into the unknown.

In a town where they roll up the streets at 9 PM, the All Night Society barely exists. Covenant politics give way to the struggle of bloodlines. You struggle with the Beast and the thirst alone.

You’ve been orphaned.

Maybe you never knew your sire. Maybe he ran off. Maybe she vanished leaving only a scared voice message and scratches in the concrete.

Something is coming for you.

Can you navigate the strange politics of your kind? Can you find allies, Kindred or mortal, to ward off what’s coming? Can you keep the monster at bay? Can you find the strength to weather the coming storm?

Who can you trust? The monster that turned you? The freak practicing blood magics on the street corner? The quiet folk who gather in the old church each Sabbath? The man with the bright yellow eyes who claims you can walk in the sun again?

Find out.

We’d be using Vampire: the Requiem 2nd edition, building your characters and their connections mortal and otherwise as a group..

Heartland Orphans

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