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This Tier 1 game focuses on coterie (party) level action and not on the politics of the region or town.

The Environment

The game is set in the Prairie State, specifically centered on the Champaign-Urbana region, a couple hours south of Chicago and east of Indiapolis. Outside of the dense towns, the area is dominated by endless fields of corn.

  • Champaign: the larger of the two towns (population ~85,000, established 1855) it is a significant technology hub.
  • Urbana: dominated by the University of Illinois, is the smaller and older settlment (pop ~41,000 not including students, est. 1833)
  • Rantoul (pop ~ 12,000, est. 1854)
  • Mahomet (pop ~ 7,000)
  • Savoy: (pop ~ 7,000)

Further a field, one encounters Bloomington (pop 77,000, est. 1833) and Normal (pop ~54,000, est. 1854). Out further there are the mysteries of Peoria and Springfield. To the north of course lies Chicago. No one heads there. Not since the refugees arrived a decade ago describing a nightmare of fire and mass diablerie.

  • Organizations: Various political factions exist but they don’t run things. There is no Prince, no ruling council.

Other Threats

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