Tag: Invictus


  • Rudolph Reichardt

    Rudolph grew old before becoming a vampire. With a strength out of proportion to his appearance, he runs his fiefdom with an iron fist and remorseless strictness. Assuming he doesn't just mind control you. Embraced by the Old Man sometime in New York …

  • Big Eddie Dixon

    A hefty man with a massive gut and thick flabby arms, Eddie is never without his harem of blood dolls. More than one these pretty things have tasted his blood and they can easily break someone's arm as their heart. He's been muscling in on [[:alex | …

  • Thomas Black

    An African American man with dark ashen skin and yellowed blood shot eyes. He keeps his dark hair and beard thick and long which only highlights his deformities and sharp white teeth. An enforcer for the Invictus, he has close ties to the local gangs.

  • The Old Man

    Also known as Jim Stevenson, the Old Man leads the Invictus in Central Illinois and has done so for almost a century. Having outlasted the Chicago mobs, he now runs the drug trade in the region. Recently he's been destroying his rivals in the area. The …

  • Tara King

    Tara King was a founding member of [[:jim | the Old Man]]'s gang as well as being his childe. Like most his childer she spent decades as his ghoul.