Tag: Destroyed


  • David

    David was embraced at 19. Groomed by [[:rudolph-reichardt | Rudolph Reichardt]] as soldier for the Invictus, he recently began a dark downward spiral turning into a monster before his clanmate's eyes. He disappeared one night and vanished for months. …

  • The Witch

    Skilled in blood magic, the Witch sought to find her mother, an ancient vampire located somewhere in the area. She was destroyed when she was sealed inside a burning shed.

  • The Beast

    It corrupted [[:david | David]] but suffered several setbacks at the hands of the coterie. Ultimately this led to its destruction. *Known Banes*: Bells (deals 4 dice of bashing)

  • The Elder

    The Elder refers to Chicago, suggesting she led the Circle before the vampires of the city were destroyed. How she escaped and what the ashes and bones she tends to mean remain mysteries. The current theory is that they are the remains of the …