Raymond Martock

Professor of Ancient Vampirology


Martock has been Professor Emeritus for the Department of Anthropology at the University of Illinois since the 1980s and part of the school for much much longer. Through the university, he recruits promising talent, inducts them into his cult (the Cult of Akamon) and then uses them to research more about early vampires and the vampiric condition.

Recently he has become obsessed with the mound builders of the Mississipian civlization. He seems sure they had contact with pre-Columbian vampires.

A group of Strix snatched him from his office and tortured him for the location of a jewel he stole stole from them. He escaped thanks to his childe and his friends.

Now he has the remains of the Antediluvian to study. He’s never been so close.

Raymond Martock

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